Black Druzy Necklace

Black Druzy Necklace


Striking and richly elegant, our black tourmaline necklaces are the ultimate fashion accessory! We've captured the raw beauty in each and every piece, and since no two are alike, each and every pendant will feature a one of a kind beauty that is both captivating and unique. Each pendant is carefully dipped in 24k gold plating for a regal touch and our 24k gold plated 31" chain is nothing but elegant as it dangles blissfully with each step you take. Feminine and refined, this necklace is a true work of art.

Colour : Black / Gold

Composition : Tourmaline, 24k Gold Plating

Dimensions : 31" long chain / pendant approximately 45-50mm long" (freeform)

*Please note, our pendants are raw freeform, meaning each one will vary in shape and size. Because these are natural stones, each will possess their own unique qualities and no two will be alike. 

*All prices in Canadian currency

  • Care Instructions

    In order to preserve your necklace, we recommend removing before bathing / swimming and avoiding excessive contact with hairsprays and perfumes. Gently clean pendant with soft, dry cloth when needed. 


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