[DELUXE] Everlasting Luxury Single Stem Peony | Light Pink

[DELUXE] Everlasting Luxury Single Stem Peony | Light Pink



Our DELUXE everlasting real touch luxury peonies are just that -- real to the touch! Made from high end latex and rigid polymers, these peonies are amazingly realistic they'll fool almost anyone. Great for professional photographers or those just wanting to add some colour to their home! Nothing like craft store paper-like blooms, these beauties look and feel as real as the real thing, and not to mention, they're worth every penny because they can be used over and over again. Comes in a long 20" stem length that can easily be cut to size and a massive 6" open bloom head. Leaves can be snipped off or left on. Sold individually, in half dozens or dozens.

Colour : Light Pink
Dimensions : 6" flower head / 20" stem length

*Colours may change due to prolonged exposure to the elements
*Please note, leaves in product image have been removed and stem has been cut shorter*Stems may be folded for easier shipping; simply straighten when received*All prices in Canadian currency

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